Mongoose Style


REDKEDS is a team of adventurers. Our projects always push the boundaries. We want to take pride in our work, so we invest all our energy and time. Even if it’s well past working hours, even if it needs to be done «yesterday,» even if it seems impossible. It’s possible. Because we want it to be.

We are brimming with a passion for exploration and discovery. If an idea needs music, we’ll find an engineer-composer who will build a synthesizer for the composition. If it needs poetry, we’ll find a poet.If poetry is needed, we’ll find a poet. Or we’ll become one ourselves.

We hear more than just words. We draw inspiration from the present, delve deep, and find creativity where it seemingly doesn’t exist. We are obsessed with details and work on the invisible strokes — on intonation, light, font serifs, to turn the ordinary into the outstanding.

REDKEDS — besides advertising, branding, and events, we gather art projects, publish books, and produce shows. We gather underground representatives of creative industries to collaborate on insane projects and set trends. We find bright artists, unusual musicians, young directors, playwrights, sound designers, photographers, and accumulate their creative energy in our projects.

We are interested in book publishing, show production, architectural design, fashion design, and organizing raves. There is a circle of projects that the agency more or less successfully produces. Over time, these projects along with their ideas will come together in a pattern that can be called a mission.

All of our work is a leap into the abyss of the unknown. And if we’re going to jump, we’ll do it with an adventure

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