FANDOM FEST VKONTAKTE — a three-day festival in the club Main Stage which united cosplayers, gamers, movie enthusiasts, k-pop fans, comic book lovers, and TV series fans.

We came up with a main creative idea with “translator” which was well received by colleagues from VKontakte. We developed it into several different formats and creative realization. One of the brightest aspects was indeed the creative phrases on banners.

“When we were developing the idea of the translator, we spent a lot of time creating a catalog of words from various subcultures. While working with these words, we found that they had a phonetic potential for creating memorable phrases. Thus, the original concept expanded into slogan-memes.”
Sasha Kalugin, copywriter

We developed digital banners that included memorable phrases, which spread across social networks and the center of Moscow. The VKontakte team implemented the planned options, and the advertising attracted about ten thousand participants to the festival.

Vasya Bogdanov
Max Yurin
Dmitry Yakushin
Sasha Kalugin
Yana Tsvetkova